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Cookshack Smokers

The concept behind Cookshack smokers is simple. All Cookshack smokers produce smoked foods and traditional pit barbecue by the application of heat and wood smoke to meat, poultry, fish and seafood, vegetables, etc. Food cooks at a low temperature under static conditions.

Smokette - SM009
Smokette Elite - SM025
Super Smoker Elite - SM045
Fast Eddy's FEC100
Fast Eddy's FEC120
NSF Commercial Smokers

Cookshack Wood Smoker

Memphis Pellet Grills

In Stock!

Memphis PRO

Featured Product:

Backwoods Smokers

The Chubby
The Party
The Fatboy
The Competitor
The Pro Jr.
Backwoods Smokers
Backwoods smokers are probably the finest charcoal water smokers on the market today. The Backwoods smokers have won many competitions through out the country and you will even find them at the KCBS training classes. It's not unusual to see the Backwoods smokers at any BBQ tournament. If you're looking for a charcoal water smoker, these are considered the Cadillac of the industry. They will run from 6 to 8 hours @ 225 degrees on a single load of charcoal and water. If you're doing a longer cook, the charcoal and water will have to be replenished. As you know, nothing beats the taste of a pure wood charcoal BBQ with the nice deep smoke ring that an electric simply can't duplicate.

Natural Wood Charcoal:

Natural hardwood charcoal is 100% hardwood that does not contain additives that are normally found in charcoal briquettes. Natural hardwood charcoal can be easily ignited without the use of lighter fluid. It also takes less time to heat up than charcoal briquettes. It burns hotter than briquettes and is able to be smothered out by cutting off the oxygen to the charcoal. When it is smothered, the natural charcoal can be reused at a later time.
Tips, Tricks and How to!
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Lump Charcoal
Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Smokin Tex Smokers
Smokin Tex Wood Smoker Smokin Tex Smokers
SmokinTex electric smoker ovens for home and commercial use make old-fashioned pit barbecue and delicious natural wood-smoked foods. SmokinTex smokers create excellent smoke flavor and a tender, moist meal every time.
Pro Series 1100
Pro Series 1400
Pro Series 1500
NSA Commercial Smokers

BBQ Guru
BBQ Guru
Temperature controls and monitors for charcoal and wood grills and pits.
Maverick Thermometers
Maverick Instant Read Thermometer PT-100 Super Fast Pocket Thermometer

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Robot Coupe Processor Robot Coupe Processor
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